Saturday, June 24, 2017

Witches, spectres, gallows and other Medieval Fears

Since first night tour about witchery and other Medieval Fears in 2013, that it was organised for a group of ex-pats and it English language, the tour has being scheduled several times around four/five times a year, mostly in Catalan language.
Due to the interest that has being increasing in the last scheduled tours, to the point that last tour had to be offered in two languages (what makes us lose part of the narrative and mystery), following tours in Summer will be offered in Spanish mostly and a special edition will be in ENGLISH next Friday 14th July.

Hoping that there will be a minimum of visitors, either foreigners, ex-pats or willing to practice English, to be able to schedule it again in another near date.

Please feel free to share with anyone that could be interest. Thank you!

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